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Albert Smith was assigned to search the wooded area of one of his many safe houses (knocknashee cottage) Shop River,Enniskerry Wicklow. Where Fat Freddie gang allegedly hid heroin in the wooded areas there.  Garda John Heraughty  and Garda Patton had the area “staked”  out for hidden drugs brought at night time from Glencullen VIA Dublin.The knackers at pairc na sillogue  jumped into the woods late at night and distributed the drugs in Bray town.Web sites about Albert smith can be found at Yahoo search and Google…Albert Smith MI6…          Picture above Fat “FreDDie” Thompson.

Philip O Toole was dealt with a wound from a shotgun in 2011 in the car park of  pairc na sillogue,he was later found  a Dedman in Wicklow woods in 2013,nobody has ever been charged with his murder.O Tooles death was attributed to large amounts of Heroin allegedly buried in the woods behind Albert Smiths cottage.Albert Smith was involved in anti terrorist operations involving alleged IRA members who  used “old Bayford style caravns” parked in local lanes in the area owned by the family of the Careys.Internet sites claim that a local IRA member “Thacker” was involved in controlling the wooded area, a feud between the British agent Smith and Thacker was evident  though not violent, but there was a deep dislike of  Smith as a known British agent born in England.The IRA units from Bray and other areas where given orders not to harm Albert Smith,for whatever reasons, which isn’t unusual as Ireland itself has a protected tout on every corner.Smith according to internet sources worked for British intelligence placing stories into the Irish independent newspaper,he was exposed as a spy that regulary gave evidence to the Gardaí (God bless ya yer little bollox) and worked as a sub editor for the newspaper.The claims are that the British Intelligence service were involved in importing Heroin from U.K and then used the “little” fellas to store it and distribute the powder.This rings true as Kieran Boylan was involved in bringing in heroin from wales -nothing gets over Holyhead without the secret service involved!!!

Do stát fíor sóisialach